Shrink Wrapping

Why should you consider Shrink Wrapping your boat? 

Shrink Wrapping is the best way to protect your boat from harsh winter weather. Our experienced team of professionals will use top notch materials to create a water tight seal to ensure that your boat is protected from snow, ice, rain and UV light. Unlike tarps that may collapse and require maintenance through the winter, with shrink wrapping you don’t need to worry about snow build up or high winds. Shrink wrapping also protects your boat from water build up that could lead to mildew or damage caused by freezing. Our knowledgeable team will ensure that your boat is properly vented to make certain that your only concern is getting back out on the water!


Shrink Wrapping your Toys or Commercial Equipment

Shrink wrapping is not only for boats! It can also be used to effectively protect just about anything from winter weather. We can shrink wrap anything from Power Water Craft to Travel Trailers; Motorcycles and ATV’s to garden furniture. Protect your valuable equipment in storage or in transport. Call 902 826-2278 for a quote.